How to identify woolen fabrics?

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There are many varieties of woolen fabrics on the market, and different types of woolen fabrics also have certain differences in price. It is necessary for everyone to master some common knowledge of woolen fabrics so that they do not spend high prices to buy products that they do not really need. Let's take a look together: What are the types of woolen fabrics? How to identify woolen fabrics?
What are the types of woolen fabrics?
1、 Gabardine
This kind of woolen fabric is highly praised for its overall smoothness compared to less than satisfactory ones, and there will be no pilling during the wearing process. Moreover, careful observation of the fabric's texture can make it more clear, and the texture is also very unsatisfactory, with good elasticity. This type of clothing material can weigh up to 300 grams per square meter, and the resulting clothing looks even more stable.
2、 Serge
This fabric belongs to the category of worsted products, and its obvious characteristic is that it becomes more round in color and light, very durable, and basically won't be worn out. The weight per square meter does not exceed 300 grams. Generally, young people prefer this type of fabric.
3、 Tweed
The designs and colors of this fabric are very abundant, and there are many styles available, which can be used in different combinations of plain and twill. The thickness is also divided into three grades: high, medium, and low. The range of applications is also very common when using it.
4、 Valantine
This is a type of woolen fabric that has a brighter color and good breathability compared to thin woolen fabric. Most of it is used to make clothes for spring and summer. The main advantage is that it is easier to clean compared to other varieties, and can be washed directly. However, it is important to be careful not to have the water temperature too high.
How to identify woolen fabrics?
First of all, let me inform you that most of the woolen fabrics on the market today are not pure wool or velvet. When you buy a woolen coat, many stores will tell you that their clothes are pure wool or pure velvet, but in reality, woolen can be divided into many types, including pure wool, pure velvet, plush blend, wool polyester blend, and pure polyester. So how exactly should we identify it?
First, you can look at the weight of woolen fabric. Generally speaking, the weight is relatively good, but it is not absolute. Some fabrics are designed to be relatively simple.
Judging the color and softness is also a way. Generally speaking, woolen fabrics with good color and soft texture have higher purity. Polyester fabric is prone to hardening after soaking in water due to the addition of a large amount of gum.
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