What is the difference between handmade carpets and woven carpets

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Compared to handmade carpets, woven carpets have their own unique materials, and are renowned internationally for their high-quality texture, elegant patterns, and exquisite craftsmanship. A good carpet involves dozens of processes, including drawing, color matching, dyeing, warp hanging, weaving, and even cutting, washing, and tasseling after production.
Look at the thread on the carpet surface. The Sui thread is naturally hand woven and finished. The threads of woven carpets are sewn on by machines.
Look at the colors. Generally, pure plant dyeing is used, with a natural, bright and three-dimensional color. The pattern lines are soft, smooth, and clear, making it very comfortable to look at. The more you look, the more durable it becomes. The pattern on the back of the blanket is also clearly visible.
By touching with your hands, you will find that handmade blankets are more stretchy and skin friendly than woven ones, with smoother details.
Smell the taste, handmade ones will have a faint taste of wool itself, some even have no taste at all. And the woven carpet has a pungent chemical smell.