Selection of blankets

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Pay attention to the fabric of the blanket first. Like bamboo fiber blankets, bamboo fiber is a green and environmentally friendly fiber material extracted from bamboo, which has excellent characteristics such as high green environmental protection, good breathability, unique rebound, instant water absorption, and strong longitudinal and transverse strength. Due to the special structure of bamboo fibers, the natural cross-sectional height is "hollow", and industry experts refer to bamboo fibers as "breathable fabrics"; The children's blanket made of all cotton fabric has a comfortable touch and good breathability; The coral velvet children's blanket is very soft, soft and soft to protect the baby's skin.
A new blanket will have lint sticking to the baby's body. It is important to wear a large bib and be very careful when the baby bites such a blanket with their mouth, which can cause harm to the baby. Therefore, a blanket cover should be added to the child's blanket.
If there are threads on the blanket, be sure to cut them off carefully to avoid entanglement with the baby's hands and feet, which can cause harm to the baby.
The anti-static effect of the blanket is good to avoid unnecessary harm.