Cleaning of blankets

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During use, blankets will gradually be blocked and dirty by small fibers, fillers, resins, etc; Sediments generated by some chemical reactions can also stain the blanket. The dirty blanket greatly reduces the efficiency of pressing and dehydration, so it is necessary to replace the blanket. The reason for replacing the press blanket is generally not necessarily due to mechanical wear, but rather due to the blockage of the blanket due to dirt. Therefore, setting up a blanket washing device on the press is very important for maintaining the dehydration efficiency of the press and extending the service life of the blanket.
Cleaning principle: Use high-pressure or low-pressure spray water to loosen and flush away small fibers, fillers, etc. in the fabric structure, and then use a vacuum suction tank to remove the loose fillers.
Typical complete arrangement of blanket spray cleaning in the press section
For bottom mesh paper making blankets, a basic washing system should also include three basic devices: a high-pressure water spray pipe, a low-pressure water spray pipe, and a blanket vacuum suction tank.
The cleaning and washing of paper blankets is a complex issue that depends on the type of paper, pulp ratio, blanket structure, and other operating conditions. In addition to water pressure, attention should also be paid to the form of the water spray pipe, the swing speed of the high-pressure mobile water spray pipe, the nozzle spacing, the distance between the nozzle and the blanket, and the size of the water spray volume. For dirt that can only be removed by chemical methods, accurate advice should be obtained from experts proficient in this field.