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eight hundred and sixteen dz six


Product Overview

A company engaged in the research and development, production, and sales of blankets and bedding.

A blanket is a type of woolen fabric with rich plush on both sides, with a surface of rich plush. It is a bed woolen fabric with thermal insulation properties and can also be used as bedding, wall carpets, and other decorations. There are three types of blankets: pure woolen blankets, blended woolen blankets, and chemical fiber woolen blankets. According to the weaving method, they are divided into machine weaving, tufting, warp knitting, needle punching, and sewing. The patterns of carpet surface include jacquard, printed, plain, mandarin duck, Dao, plaid, etc. The carpet surface styles include velvet, standing velvet, smooth wool, rolling ball, and water grain. Strong elasticity and warmth retention, with a thick texture.
According to specifications, it is divided into double blanket, single blanket, children's blanket, etc.
According to the purpose, bed blankets, knee blankets, beach blankets, etc. can also be used.
Blankets can also undergo special finishing, such as flame retardant blankets, antibacterial finishing, negative ion finishing, and so on.
According to raw materials, it is divided into wool blankets, acrylic blankets, artificial wool blankets, blended blankets, cashmere blankets, camel hair blankets, etc.
According to color distribution, it is divided into jacquard blankets, plain colored blankets, plaid blankets, Dao blankets, printed blankets, etc.
According to the processing method, it is divided into plush blankets, water textured blankets, vertical plush blankets, embossed blankets, brushed blankets, etc.


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eight hundred and sixteen dz six



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